Before & After

Townhome Project

There are five homes in this column of townhomes in north Evanston. They all had lawns and air conditioners in their tiny front yards, and no backyards.

We took out lots of lawn, put in small seating areas, screened out the air condtitioners and planted lots of azaleas, evergreens, and shrubs. Vinca ties it altogether.

No Lawn Backyard

This townhome backyard had a concrete patio that was half covered by overgrown yews.

We recycled the concrete to make a seat wall, got rid of the lawn, built a full range bluestone patio, installed a gravel walkway to access the gates and large bluestone flagstones to get to the basement door, and planted lots of fabulous plants.

Wilmette Project



Chicago Parkway Project

Before: They attempted to get grass to grow in this shady, compacted parkway.

After: We removed the lawn, dug down to loosen up the soil, added compost, and planted perennials, grasses and shrubs that would survive the elements.

Glenview Project

Glenview Before (2)


Glenview (2) Project

The clients wanted to turn their screen porch into a 3-season porch and have a patio outside that door.

We built a new, goodly sized landing outside their new sliding doors, gracious steps down to the new Unilock patio. And then gracious limestone steps down to their old patio.

Highland Park Woodland and Patio

Most of this large backyard was inaccessible, fenced off from the yard. We took down the fence, found 12 mature Burr Oaks and 2 Hickories. We got rid of the Buckthorns that were choking the Oaks, put in gracious steps to the deck and installed a gravel patio.


Highland Park Patio, Stairs and Fence

This backyard had rickety stairs, ugly air conditioners, no patio, rotting fences and rails and a lot of concrete.

We built new wide steps with a gracious landing at top, a screen for the air conditioners, new fences and moongate, an arbor to hide the neighbor’s ugly garage, a brick (Boral clay) paver patio which includes a firepit area. We removed some of the concrete and replaced it with widely spaced flagstones interplanted with sod. We replaced the hostas and ferns with lots of interesting plants, a spruce tree, shrubs, perennials, vines…