Client-Centered Process

What Clients Are Saying:

“Thank you for giving me a place of peace. Last night all of my children, and their loved ones, were gathered around the table—sitting in beauty, eating together and loving it. Thank you for the green beings, the trees, the vines, the bushes, the flowers… You have manifested my soul.”


“Among other projects, Noreen  maneuvered seven good-sized trees through a narrow passageway into my tiny backyard and planted them to achieve exactly the right effect. I can rely on her to be knowledgeable, resourceful, communicative, mindful of the cost and, above all, dedicated to doing the job right.”

Anastasia R:

“Although my garden was modest, the yield was prodigious. I credit Noreen’s ingenuity and expert knowledge. All I did was water—she had done the rest. I had a thriving vegetable and herb garden well into autumn. She was right: kale tasted even better after the first frost!”

Susan S:

“Noreen designed, planted, nurtured, expanded and maintained my dream garden over three seasons. As the garden is in the front of our house on a corner lot, the entire neighborhood has weighed in on the changing landscape—they comment on its beauty, take pictures, watch their children sitting on the benches and the dogs sniffing the plants with wagging tails.”


“Thanks so much for your hard work, your eye, your passion. I can’t wait till spring.”

Nancy and Jerry:

“Thank you for the many wonderful plantings and gorgeous walkways that fill our ‘new’ front yard. As promised, it’s easy to care for, sustainable, and so interesting and beautiful in every season. We especially appreciate your design creativity and personal involvement in every phase of the project. We can’t wait to begin the next project!”

Susan D:

“From the smallest of tasks to planning every detail of a large project, Noreen brings a great design sense to her landscaping. I’ve used her company’s services to rescue me from all sorts of gardening disasters, both natural and personal, and she knows how to work within a budget. She has a wonder feel for natural plant groupings and native plants (hence her former business name—the Wild Planter). Her hardscapes can be very formal and structured—she has a good architectural eye—or ‘loosey-goosey.’  If you’re the kind of gardener that wants to be part of the process she can do that too. Noreen is a treasure.”


“I can’t tell you how much we love what you have created. I already have a couple of spots in mind for more trees. Knowing you is dangerous…”