Drainage & Stormwater Solutions

Before, this backyard was always soggy.

We installed drainage tile to relieve some of the water, removed 3 yards of clay soil and replaced with rain garden soil,and planted rain-loving plants in this wet corner. The plants have filled in and now take up the excess water. Plants include Heritage River Birch, Virginia Sweetspire ‘Little Henry’, Sedge ‘Ice Dance’, Ogon Rush grass, Miscanthus Graziella and Ostrich ferns. Aqua Blue Stone boulders add year round structure, texture and a moundy shape to this garden.

Here there was an existing tripping hazard year-round and an ice hazard in winter. We put in a cleanout at the bottom of the downspout, and buried pipe that pops up in their front lawn, before we put in a new clay paver sidewalk.