Smart Design

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Smart landscape design doesn’t look the same everywhere. Designers consider many variables including home-owners’ needs and preferences, site orientation, storm water issues, native plants, material availability, material costs and aesthetic issues. Most of our projects are for clients—perhaps like you—whose homes or commercial property have tired landscapes that require a makeover. There are no “answers,” only solutions to unique problems.

  • We will design your landscape guided by the architecture of your home and inspired by nature and art.
  • We will work at enhancing your enjoyment of your property while being sensitive to your budget.
  • We will design your garden with an eye toward low maintenance, sustainability and aesthetics.

If you are planning new construction or remodeling that will affect the outside of the home, it is especially beneficial to let us become part of the initial design process.  We will be glad to meet with you and your architect or builder to discuss the landscape design in order to ensure that the project will enhance all aspects of your property. Smart planning saves time, resources, and money.

Initial Meeting

During the initial meeting, we will tour the property with you to observe the light, the views (good and bad) and the architecture of the home. We will take photos and measurements, noting existing trees and other features. We’ll ask questions, and we’ll listen.  We’ll help you discover how you will most enjoy your outdoor space.

Next, we’ll present several viable concepts for your consideration. Based on your preferences, we’ll then prepare plans for your approval prior to installation.

Purple and Orange Says Vibrant


During installation we will treat your home with care. We work in a professional manner, with knowledge and use of industry standards. Our work will be in compliance with village and city zoning and building codes. We will take appropriate safety precautions, and we have insurance to protect you in case of accident.

Incremental Installation

Limited resources increase the need for good design. We plan before we plant and plan so that we can phase in installations. Some gardens are phased in over two or three years. We can help you prioritize the order for completing the installation.


Low maintenance starts with the design process. From mowing strips to plant selection, we plan for efficient maintenance. All gardens require some care, however. That’s why we offer garden maintenance: spring and fall cleanup, weeding, pruning, thinning, and deadheading are among the services we offer. This is another way we make sure you will remain satisfied with your garden in the long run. We plant containers and annual flower beds, but we will be happy to provide advice and encouragement to our clients about out to nurture their own gardens. We want the gardens we design and install to continue to be successful.